Assert Contains

Asserts that the value of the element identified by a given expression contains a specific substring.


Name Type Required? Description Default value
Expression Expression Yes Path to the element to be searched; for example, payload.productId.
Value String Yes Path to the second element for comparison; for example, payload2.productId.
Mode Selection list No Select one of the following values:
  • all: If the path expression matches multiple elements in the payload then they must all match the assertion.
  • one: Only one of the matching elements in the payload needs to match the assertion.
Level Selection list No Select error or warning. Specifies whether, if the assertion fails, it should be considered an ‘error’ or just a ‘warning.’ A warning does not trigger alerts, such as email or text messages. error
Modifier Selection list No Select not to negate the assertion; the assertion is considered verified if it does not pass. None
Execute if item exists Selection list No Select true or false. If true, the assertion is evaluated only if the element exists. This is useful when the element does not always exist. false
Stop test if fails Selection list No Select true or false. If true, the test is immediately stopped if the assertion fails. false
Assertion comment String No An optional comment for information.