Checking cluster health on VMware

You can use apicup to check the health of the API Connect clusters in your VMware deployment.

The health-check command checks a number of criteria to determine the health of their cluster. When all criteria are successfully met, the command displays no output, and exits with a status of 0. When one or more criteria are not met, the command stops processing and displays a message with the failure and exits with a status of 1.

The command takes no arguments. The only option is the --verbose flag. If --verbose is set the command prints all checks that were performed.

The health-check is run against the namespace that is specified in apiconnect-up.yaml.

The health check is run on the specified subsystem.

The command verifies that for the specified subsystem:

  • The apicup version matches the API Connect release version.
  • All cluster members are running the same API Connect release version.
  • All cluster members have a deployment status of Done.
  • Docker is running.
  • kubelet is running
  • All Kubernetes-defined nodes are running.
  • The Kubernetes Control Plane pods are running:
    • etcd/kube-apiserver
    • kube-system.kube-controller
    • kube-scheduler
    • kube-apiserver-proxy
  • The add-on Kubernetes Deployments are fulfilled:
    • coredns
    • metrics-server
  • The add-on Kubernetes DaemonSets are fulfilled:
    • calico-node
    • ingress-nginx-ingress-controller
    • kube-proxy


  apicup subsys health-check <SUBSYS>  [flags]

  -h, --help                help for health-check
      --kubeconfig string   (optional) absolute path to the kubeconfig file (default "/Users/<username>/.kube/config")
  -v, --verbose             Verbose output

Global Flags:
      --accept-license   Accept the license for API Connect
      --debug            Enable debug logging

Example usage, for a subsystem named mgmt:

../apicup subsys health-check mgmt 
  • The command flag --kubeconfig string does not apply to deployments on VMware.
  • In a multi-node OVA cluster, the apicup subsys health-check command does not return status information if a majority of the nodes are down. To obtain status information, start more nodes. Status is returned only when a quorum is achieved.