Testing an API with Automated API behavior testing

Use the IBM® Automated API behavior testing application to invoke an API from outside of the API Connect Assembly page so that you can verify that it executes properly.

Automated API behavior testing provides a simple set of fields where you can quickly invoke your API. You can automate tests and define schedules for running them.

Automated API behavior testing is an optional add-on to API Connect, and must be deployed by your administrator. If Automated API behavior testing is available in your deployment, a Test API displays on the Home page in API Manager.

Known limitations:
  • AutoTest Assist is only available in Cloud Pak for Integration 2022.2.1 and later.
  • Insights-Driven Test Generation is only available in Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.2.1 and later.
The following OpenAPI 3.0 features are not currently supported in Automated API behavior testing, but their usage doesn't impact on any other supported features:
  • The links object; allows developers to describe how various values returned by one operation can be used as input for other operations.
  • The callbacks object; enables asynchronous, out-of-band requests that your service sends to some other service in response to certain events.
  • The oneOf keyword for defining complex schemas; allows developers to define more sophisticated validation rules. Automated API behavior testing doesn't generate a valid test for this keyword.
Note that you can add checks for missing assertions manually by using the Add Request/Assertions option.

If you want to use Automated API behavior testing for validating an API, complete the following steps to get started.

  1. Log in to API Manager.
  2. Publish your API to make sure that it's available online.
  3. Create a client application and copy its client ID and client secret.
  4. Subscribe the client app to the API.
  5. Open the Test application.
    • Cloud Pak for Integration only: Click Design in the page header, and then click Test APIs; or
    • All users: Click API Manager in the banner to return to the Home page, and then click the Test API tile.