Defining operations for a path

Operations on a Path defines the mechanisms available for interacting with the API when it is called using that Path. An operation can be of various pre-defined types; for example, a POST operation is most commonly used for creating new resources, while a GET operation is used to retrieve a resource.

About this task

Note: This task relates to configuring an OpenAPI 2.0 API definition. For details on how to configure an OpenAPI 3.0 API definition, see Editing an OpenAPI 3.0 API definition.

You can complete this task either by using the API Designer UI application, or by using the browser-based API Manager UI.

At any time, you can switch directly to the underlying OpenAPI YAML source by clicking the Source icon OpenAPI Source icon. To return to the design form, click the Form icon Form icon.


  1. Open the API for editing, as described in Editing an OpenAPI 2.0 API definition.
  2. Expand Paths, then expand the required path.
  3. Click the add icon OpenAPI 2.0 API add icon alongside Operations under the Path in the navigation pane.
  4. Provide the following information:
    • Verb: Select the operation type from the following options:
      1. get
      2. post
      3. put
      4. delete
      5. options
      6. head
      7. patch
      8. trace
    • Summary: A summary of what the operation does.
    • Description: A description of the operation behavior.
    • Operation: Unique string used to identify the operation. The id must be unique among all operations described in the API.
    • Deprecated: Declares this operation to be deprecated. Consumers should refrain from using the declared operation.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Click Save when done.