Backing up and restoring the management subsystem

You can back up and restore your Management subsystem in your VMware environment.

About this task

  • You use the apicup utility to configure backup settings for the management subsystem.
  • Database backups can be used to restore the database for disaster recovery.
  • Backups can be scheduled or generated manually (on-demand). You can then list what backups are available and then use one to restore your Management subsystem if required.
  • Postgres replica pods depend on a successful completed backup. If backup configuration is not correct, replica pods won't come up.
  • Restoring a backup restores the registration credentials (client_ID, client_secret) that were in use at the time that the selected backup was created. For information on the registration credentials, see Changing the registration client_id and client_secret for applications.
Note: You must backup both the Management and Portal subsystems at the same time, to ensure synchronicity across the services.
Types of backups supported:
  • Cloud-based S3 storage
    • IBM Cloud Object Storage
    • AWS S3
    • v10.0.2.0 or later: Any custom S3, such as minIO
  • SFTP
  • Local Backups