Migrating from OpenShift to Cloud Pak for Integration on the same cluster

Migrate your API Connect v10 deployment from OpenShift to Cloud Pak for Integration, while remaining on the same cluster.

Before you begin

Complete v10 migration requirements.

About this task

In this scenario, host name does not change.


  1. If necessary, update the Cloud Manager admin password.

    On the source system, if the Cloud Manager admin password is changed in the source system to what was the default when installed, the Cloud Manager admin password must be updated in the secret with name <TOP_CR_NAME>-mgmt-admin-pass. Make sure the password is correct in the secret.

  2. Install IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI and create an instance of it.
  3. Restart apiconnect operator pod.

    This will detect a Cloud Pak for Integration environment and reconcile the subsystems. Wait for the subsystems to be healthy.

  4. Login to Cloud Manager and check the services under the topology section.

    Known issue: If you see an additional Analytics service with a different name for the same Analytics endpoint, you must delete the newly created Analytics service.

  5. Perform verification:

    Check that configurator job is run and complete. Verify login, zen URLs and all other details.