Creating an Availability Zone

An Availability Zone is a logical or physical set of data centers containing one or more API Connect services. Availability Zones provide redundancy and failover in the event of network issues. The Default Availability Zone is created during installation; it includes a Management service.

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Availability zones organize API Connect operations based upon your business needs. Availability zones are sets of logical or physical data centers containing one or more API Connect services. Multiple availability zones in your cloud provide redundancy and fail over in the event of network issues. Availability zones can be organized by region, for global separation, or for physical or logical separation of data centers.

The Default Availability Zone is created during the installation process. It contains the Management service that was configured by Install Assist. You register one or more gateway, analytics, and portal services in the availability zones to configure your API Connect cloud topology.
Note: For appliance-based deployments, additional management services may be added (one per availability zone) using the installation script. However, for container-based deployments using Docker and Kubernetes, only one management service is allowed. No additional management services can be added if you are using container-based deployment..
When you create an availability zone, you should provide a descriptive title; a name is generated automatically for internal identification. For example:
Table 1. Example availability zones
Title Name
US Availability Zone us-availability-zone
Hampshire Availability Zone hampshire-availability-zone
Newport Availability Zone newport-availability-zone
London South Availability Zone london-south-availability-zone

One of the following roles is required to add and manage Availability Zones:

  • Administrator
  • Topology Administrator
  • Owner
  • A custom role with the Topology:Manage permission


Follow these steps to add one or more additional Availability Zones to your on-premises cloud:

  1. In the Cloud Manager, click TopologyTopology.
  2. You will see the current Availability Zones configured in your cloud. The Default Availability Zone is created by the installation script, and includes the Management service. To add another Availability Zone, choose Create Availability Zone.
  3. Enter the following values:

Field Description
Title (required) Enter a descriptive title for the availability zone. This title will display on the screen.
Name (required) This field is auto-populated by the system and used as the internal field name.
Summary (optional) Enter a brief description.

  1. Click Create to complete the operation.


The availability zone will be added on the Services page. You can now add gateway, analytics, and portal services to the availability zone.