Installing the Analytics subsystem

Install the IBM® API Connect Analytics subsystem.

Before you begin

Review the section on Planning your Analytics deployment to ensure that you understand the choices for configuring the topology, disk space, and other elements of the Analytics subsystem.


If you plan to store any analytics data locally, complete the following change in your environment to prepare for installing Analytics:

Increase the default map count on every Kubernetes node.

If you plan to store any analytics data locally (that is, do you not intend to disable local storage and offload all data), then you must change the default map counts. When the Analytics service is configured to store data, it uses Elasticsearch, which requires map counts higher than the operating system defaults. The minimum recommended value is 262144.

If you are deploying on OpenShift, the map count is preconfigured (vm.max_map_count = 1027580) with a value that is sufficiently large for Elasticsearch so you do not need to modify this setting.

  1. To change the map counts on the live system, run the following command on every Kubernetes node:
    sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144
  2. To persist this change when node restarts occur, add the following setting to the /etc/sysctl.conf file:
    vm.max_map_count = 262144

For more information, see Virtual memory in the Elasticsearch documentation.