Configuring maximum size of client requests to the Management subsystem

You can configure the maximum allowed size of the client request body for requests made to the Management subsystem.

About this task

The default maximum size is 8 megabytes. You can increase this value.

Increasing the setting can be useful if you get errors when using the CLI to import a large API. Example error:

HTTP/1.1 413 Request Entity Too Large


  1. Edit the Management CR. Refer to the Management CR templates:
      - name: juhu
        - name: juhu
          - name: CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE
            value: "12m"

    Note that the default value is "8m". The template: entry must be indented two spaces, and be located within the spec: element.

  2. Apply the changes:
    kubectl -n <namespace> apply -f management_cr.yaml