Setting up notifications

Select an email server and set up the "sent from" information for notifications.

Before you begin

You must configure an email server to use for your notifications in Resources > Notifications, before you can set up the notification configuration in Settings > Notifications. See Configuring an email server for notifications for more information.

About this task

In Settings > Notifications, you select the email server that you want to use as the active server to send notification emails. An active email server is required to send email notifications. More than one email server may be configured in Cloud Manager, but only one email server may be selected to send notifications at any one time. The email server must be configured and selected for notifications before adding a Portal Service to your cloud.

You also configure the sender information to be included on all the emails and optionally, edit the standard text for the email templates.

One of the following roles is required to add roles to select the email server, enter the sender information, and edit the email templates:

  • Administrator
  • Owner
  • A custom role with the Cloud settings:Manage permission
Note: If you do not select an email server for sending notification emails, it is not possible for a user to reset their password from either the Cloud Manager or API Manager login pages.


  1. In the Cloud Manager, click Settings Settings.
  2. In the Settings navigation list, click Notifications.
  3. To configure the active email server:
    1. Click Edit in the Sender & Email Server section.
    2. Select an email server in the list; a check mark is displayed next to the currently selected server.
    3. Click Save.
  4. To delete an email server from the list, click the options menu next to the server name and select Delete.
  5. To change the sender name and email address for notifications:
    1. Click Edit in the Sender & Email Server section.
    2. Fill in the Name and Email address that notifications will be sent from.
    3. Click Save.
  6. To preview and edit the notification email templates, see Customizing email notification templates

What to do next

You can now create a provider organization.