Assigning roles to members

As the Cloud Manager administrator, you manage the roles that are assigned to members. A member's role determines the tasks they are authorized to perform in Cloud Manager.

About this task

Members in the Admin organization use Cloud Manager to view and manage the topology of the Cloud, to set up and manage provider organizations, and to work with other features of the API Connect Cloud. The member's role determines what tasks they are authorized to perform.

When assigning roles, you need to be aware that all members always have a basic set of permissions, which are contained in the Member role. The Member role is automatically granted to all members and cannot be removed. For this reason, you do not explicitly assign the Member role. You can grant additional permissions by selecting one or more roles. If additional roles are not assigned, then the user will have only the basic Member role.

One of the following roles is required to assign roles to members:

  • Administrator
  • Owner


Perform the following steps to assign one or more roles to a member:

  1. In the Cloud Manager, click Members Members.
  2. The list of current members for the Admin organization is displayed.
  3. To change the roles assigned to a member, select the roles by marking the check boxes next to their name. The roles will be updated instantly. The list of roles and permissions can be viewed at User roles and permissions in the Cloud Manager UI


The member will be assigned the permissions for the role(s).

What to do next

The new member can work in Cloud Manager. The member's authorization is defined by the roles assigned to them.