Defining a Product with billing integration

To monetize your APIs, you must create Product Plans with pricing information that allow API consumers to subscribe to your Plans with integrated billing.

Before you begin

You must have a billing integration resource, and this resource must be added to the Catalog that you want to publish your Product to, as well as to the Sandbox Catalog. See Adding a billing integration resource, and Adding a billing integration resource to a Catalog for details.

Also, the Stripe payment method module must be enabled in the Developer Portal for the Catalog; see Configuring Stripe in the Developer Portal for details.

About this task

When you decide to charge customers to use your API Products, your customers have different requirements for the number of API calls that they are willing to pay for. You can solve this issue by defining Plans at different levels of service, and at different costs.

Within your Product, you can define free Plans as well as Plans that contain billing integration. The following instructions guide you through defining a Plan with pricing information. For more detailed information about creating Products, see Creating a draft Product and Editing a draft Product.

Important: Products that contain a billing integration cannot be re-staged into non-production Catalogs. To experiment with billing on the Sandbox Catalog, or any other non-production Catalogs, you must publish new versions of your monetized Product. This practice aligns with how you have to work with production Catalogs currently, as they also don't support the re-staging of existing versions of the same Product.


To add pricing information to a Product Plan, complete the following steps:

  1. In the API Manager, click Develop icon in the API UI navigation pane Develop.
  2. Select the Products tab.
  3. Select the Product that you want to add billing integration to, or create a new draft Product by clicking Add > Product and following the wizard.
  4. With the Product open and the Design tab selected, select Plans in the navigation menu.
  5. In the Billing integration section, select the billing integration resource that you want to apply to the Product.
    In the Plans section, you can then either edit the Default Plan to add pricing information, or create a new Plan with pricing information.
  6. If this is a new Plan, enter a Title, and if you require approval for someone to subscribe to this Plan also select the Approval checkbox.
  7. In the Plan pricing section, complete the following steps to add the pricing information:
    1. Change the toggle to On for Plan pricing.
      The Plan pricing definition section is displayed.
    2. Optional: If you want to include any free trial days in your Plan, select Include free trial days, and then enter the number of trial days that a subscriber can use the Plan without charge, after which their billing cycle begins.
    3. Select the Currency for the billing process use.
    4. Enter the Price per month to bill the subscriber for.
      If the selected currency supports fractional units, enter the price including any fractional units, such as cents.
  8. Optional: In the Plan rate limits section, set the rate limits by entering the number of calls that are allowed per unit of time.
    Remember that this rate limit applies only to this Plan. You can set multiple rate limits, at second, minute, hour, day, and week time intervals. You can override this Plan rate limit for specific endpoints if you prefer, adding a different rate limit or enabling unlimited calls to it. You can also create more Plans with different rate limits. For more information about rate limits, see Understanding rate limits for APIs and Plans.
  9. Optional: Select the Hard limit checkbox if you want the gateway to reject any calls beyond the specified rate, rather than adding them to a queue to be resolved when the limits reset.
  10. Optional: Add more burst limits, GraphQL limits, and assembly limits, as appropriate for your APIs.
  11. Complete the Plan APIs section if you want to customize the APIs and operations that are available in this Plan.
  12. If you want to add more Plans to the Product, repeat the process from Step 6.
  13. Click Save to save the Product.


Your Product with billing integration and a pricing Plan is listed in the Products dashboard of the Develop area. If your Product doesn't appear, click the Refresh icon Refresh icon to refresh the results from the server.

What to do next

Stage your Product to a Catalog. For more information, see Staging a draft Product.