Customizing the URL alias for a specific API or Product page

You can customize the URL of an API or Product page from the default alias that they are assigned.

Before you begin

You must have administrator or content author access to complete this task.

About this task

Creating a custom URL alias is useful if you want to make the URL relevant to the API or Product page.


  1. If the administrator dashboard is not displayed, click Manage to display it.
  2. On the administrator dashboard, click Content.
  3. Identify the API or Product page that you want to customize the URL alias for, and click Edit.
  4. Expand URL path settings.
  5. In the URL alias text field, enter the custom URL alias that you want to assign your API or Product page.
    Note: URL aliases must all be unique.
  6. Click Save and keep published, to publish the updated content,or select Save and unpublish if you want to publish the updated content later.


You have applied a custom URL alias for your specified API or Product page, and it is displayed in the URL of your browser when the API or Product page is selected.