Controlling access to Developer Portal content

In IBM® API Connect, you can restrict access to content for Consumer organizations through an access content list. However, you can also assign permissions in the Developer Portal that override the access content list, and allow users to access and edit all of the content for Products, APIs, and Applications.

Before you begin

You must have administrator access to complete this task.

About this task

A user with a Content Author role is a curator of content for the Developer Portal. A Content Author user can perform the following actions:
  • Set taxonomies on the content
  • Provide custom icons for content
  • Upload additional documentation files
  • Create documentation pages in the Developer Portal.
By default, Content Author users are assigned the following user permissions:
Edit any Product content
The user can access and edit all of the Products available in the Catalog that the Developer Portal is associated with. The user can also access APIs that belong to those Products.
Edit any API content
The user can access and edit all of the APIs that are available in the Catalog, but not the Products with which they are associated. (Note that this permission is a subset of Edit any Product content; as Content Author users are assigned both permissions they can access and edit all of the Products and the associated APIs that are available.)
The Edit any Application permission grants the user access to all of the Applications that are in the Developer Portal, but is not assigned to any user or role by default.
Note: There are security implications if you grant the Edit any Application permission, and it should be assigned only to trusted roles.

A user can configure, attach, and upload content if they are assigned the appropriate permissions.


To check and assign permissions that grant users access to all content, proceed with one of the following options: