OpenShift: Updating ImageContentSourcePolicy to mirror API Connect images from

Update references to API Connect product images hosted on to point to instead.

About this task

API Connect is changing product image hosting services from to API Connect images on are available but are subject to Docker rate-limiting terms after Dec 31, 2022.

Updating product image references for a connected deployment

To prevent rate-limiting issues, update your cluster's ImageContentSourcePolicy to mirror API Connect images from instead of

About this task

Complete the following steps to create or update the cluster's ImageContentSourcePolicy and configure it to pull API Connect images from


  1. Log in to the OpenShift cluster UI as an administrator of your cluster.
  2. Click Administration > Cluster Settings > ImageContentSourcePolicy.
  3. Create or edit an ImageContentSourcePolicy called ibm-apiconnect; use the YAML tab to edit the settings directly.
  4. In the ImageContentSourcePolicy's spec section, add the repositoryDigestMirrors subsection to configure the cluster to pull images from instead of


    kind: ImageContentSourcePolicy
      name: ibm-apiconnect
      - mirrors: