Preparing for installation

Set up your OpenShift or Cloud Pak for Integration environment in preparation for deploying API Connect.

About this task

Ensure that your environment meets the all prerequisites, plan your deployment, and download files for installation.


  1. Ensure that your environment meets the following prerequisites:
    • IBM API Connect Version 10 software product compatibility requirements

    • Deployment requirements

    • API Connect installation requires an OpenShift 4.6.16 (or later) cluster and the oc command line utility.

      If you want to use the OpenShift web console, Cluster admin access is required.

    • API Connect requires block storage as the storage class for all subsystems.

    • Set the default SCC (security context constraint) to restricted.

      API Connect supports only the restricted SCC on OpenShift.

    • If your Openshift deployment uses a LimitRange and a CPU maxLimitRequestRatio is set, then its value must be at least 25; otherwise some API Connect pods might fail to start.
  2. Plan your deployment as explained in Planning your deployment.
  3. Review Operator, operand, and CASE versions to determine the operator, operand, and CASE versions that you need for your deployment.
  4. Download files for installation as explained in Obtaining product files.
  5. Optional: Specify additional settings in each subsystem CR to define the deployment's configuration before beginning the installation.

    In particular, consider increasing the timeout value for Management endpoints as explained in Configuring timeouts for management endpoints.

    For information on other configuration settings, see API Connect configuration settings.

    Tip: If you choose not to specify configuration settings now, you can modify the installation CRs later and then re-apply them to update the deployment.