Preparing for disaster recovery on OpenShift

Back up data and essential deployment information from each API Connect subsystem so that you can use it to recover your deployment after a disaster.

About this task

To prepare your deployment for disaster, complete this task to copy the API Connect deployment settings, and then proceed to the following tasks to backup additional information for each subsystem.


Complete the following steps to copy the API Connect deployment settings (stored in the APIConnectCluster CR) and save the information in a file.

  1. Find the API Connect cluster's name by running the following command and looking for the value in the NAME column:
    oc get APIConnectCluster
    The response looks like the following example:
    apic-cluster   7/7     Running   10.0.3   10.0.3-149         6d4h
  2. Get the YAML that describes the API Connect cluster and save it in a file using the following command:
    oc get APIConnectCluster apic-cluster -o yaml > apic-cluster.yaml

What to do next

Proceed to Preparing the Management subsystem for disaster recovery on OpenShift.