DataPower API

v5 policy emulation limitations

This page details the limitations of v5 policy emulation for the current release.

  • The reverse solidus character (\) may be removed from policy property values.
  • The source parameter for XSLT and GatewayScript policies is base-64 encoded to preserve escaping. It cannot be easily viewed from the DataPower command line or the DataPower WebGUI.
  • Some DataPower service variables (for example, var://service/mpgw/skip-backside) may not be applicable in API Gateway, depending on how the variables are used.
  • User-defined policies that make any alterations to a DataPower context are not supported.
  • Execution of a 1.0.0 policy may fail if a previous 2.0.0 policy updates the message.body content type (for example, from XML to JSON, or JSON to XML).
  • A proxy 1.5.0 policy can return an incorrect response if it is the last action within a switch case or otherwise property. The response is parsed. The correct behavior is to not parse the response. To work around this issue, set the final-action:true parameter on the proxy.
  • Proxy 1.5.0 and invoke 1.5.0 policies do not preserve the gtid header.
  • The cache-putpost-response property is not included in the schema for invoke 1.5.0 and proxy 1.5.0 policies.
  • Setting HTTP response headers in a v5 user-defined policy, GatewayScript policy, or XSLT policy is not supported.
  • Non-UTF-8 characters are not supported.
  • JSON data returned in the response of an API running in v10 with v5 emulation is formatted without spaces.