Creating searches

Use the IBM® API Connect Analytics Discover tab to create new searches by defining a search query, or to import a search query that is stored in a JSON format file. You can then use saved searches to create visualizations.

Before you begin

To create searches, you must either be the owner of the API provider organization, or be assigned a role that has the Analytics - Manage permission for the selected Catalog or Space.

About this task

When you create a search at the Catalog level, the search is automatically added to all of the Spaces in that Catalog. When you create a search in a Space, the search is added only to the current Space.


  1. Navigate to the Analytics feature for the Catalog or Space where you want to create a search.
  2. Click Discover to open the Discover tab, where you can create and manage searches.
  3. Click Create new search.
    Create new search
  4. Use the Search field to define a query using Lucene query syntax as explained in the Elasticsearch documentation.
    Type a search query
  5. Click Clock and select a time range for the API events to be included in the search results.
    Time range options
  6. Click Run search to run the search.
    Search results in raw form
  7. Save the search by clicking Save, providing a name for the search, and clickingSave.

    The saved search is added to the displayed list of saved searches.

    New saved search


When your searches are saved, you can use them on the Visualize tab to display search results in graphical formats such as charts and maps.