Recovering the Analytics subsystem on VMware

Recover the API Connect Analytics subsystem in a VMware environment.

About this task

Recovering the Analytics subsystem involves deploying a new installation of the Analytics subsystem, updating it with a saved copy of the Custom Resource (CR) that was originally used for installing Analytics, and then restoring the Analytics database from a back-up copy.

You must use the same project directory that you used for your original deployment, or a restore of your project directory backup, to ensure that configuration and secret information is transferred to the replacement deployment.

In a clustered deployment, if any one VM is corrupted then all of the VMs in the cluster must be redeployed. You cannot replace just a single corrupted VM in a cluster.


  1. Deploy the Analytics subsystem as explained in Installing the Analytics subsystem.
  2. Confirm that you can run kubectl commands against the Kubernetes cluster in the Analytics node:
    1. Connect to the Analytics subsystem using ssh:
      ssh IP_address -l apicadm
    2. Get the credentials:
      sudo -i
    3. List the nodes:
      root@apimdev1194:~# kubectl get nodes
      The response looks like the following example:
      NAME          STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION
      apimdev1194   Ready    master   29h   v1.17.9
  3. Restore the Analytics data from a back up, as explained in Restoring the Analytics database.