Using an options file when importing a WSDL service

When you create an API definition, or add a target WSDL service to an API definition, by importing a .zip file, you can specify additional directives by including an options file in the .zip file.

You can use an options file when importing a .zip file while performing any of the following tasks:

The options file is a YAML file, and must have the file name apiconnect.yaml.

You can include the following fields in the file:
Table 1. Fields that can be included in the apiconnect.yaml file
Field name Value Default Description
suppressExamples true or false false Suppress auto-generation of examples.
wssecurity true or false true Enable generation of definitions for WS-Security headers.
implicitHeaderFiles Array of XSD file locations   Additional schema files, not referenced in the WSDL, that are used to define additional SOAP headers.
port The name attribute for a wsdl:port in a wsdl:service definition.   Create the API by using the information for the specified port.

If the specified port does not exist, or refers to a REST/XML port rather than a SOAP port, the API creation fails.

If no port field is present in the options file, API Connect creates the API by using the first SOAP port that it finds in the wsdl:service definition.


suppressExamples: true
wssecurity: false
  - xsdDir/schema1.xsd
  - xsdDir/schema2.xsd