Searching for items in API Manager

Use the search feature in IBM® API Connect API Manager to easily locate items such as APIs, Catalogs, Spaces, applications, and subscriptions.

Search is available from any page in API Manager and can be accessed by typing in the search field in the page banner, or by clicking Search icon Search in the navigation list.

Using Search

The Search feature is available on all pages of the API Manager. To start searching, just type a string into the Search field and press Enter. Whenever you press Enter in the Search field, the Search page displays with results and additional options. If you press Enter in an empty Search field, or click Search icon Search in the navigation list, then the Search page displays a list all items. If you type a string before pressing Enter, the page displays the results from the corresponding search.

Search results include all items that contain the search string in a text field. For example, suppose you searched for "Crafted". The results might look like the following image, with items that don't match the search string exactly, but do include the string in a text field such as a title or a name.

By default, the search returns all types of items that contain the string. Sort results on a particular column by clicking the column header.

When you find an item you want to work with, click the . . . actions menu next to the item's "Modified" date to see what you can do. The list of possible actions depends on the item's type.

You can limit the search results by selecting an item type from the list that displays before the results. Click More to view additional types. If you select a type from the More menu, it replaces a type in the list.

If you want to refine the search further, click Options. On the Options panel, click Catalogs to Search and select which catalogs to search (the default is all catalogs). You can select up to 5 catalogs for a limited search.

You can also choose whether only exact matches (the complete string) are included in results, or items containing similar strings are also included.