DataPower API Gateway

Reviewing a gateway's processing status

Review the processing status for the Gateway services that are enabled in your API Connect Catalogs and Spaces.

About this task

Sometimes you might want to check the status of an API event that is being processed by the gateway. For example, you might want to ensure that a Product was published before and is available on the gateway before you invoke one of its APIs. Or perhaps it appears that API events are being processed too slowly and you want to see if all of the events for a particular gateway service are affected. You can review a gateway's processing status to see the which events were sent for processing and which events are still waiting in the queue.

  • You can only obtain processing status information for the DataPower® API Gateway. This feature is not supported for the DataPower Gateway (v5 compatible) service.
  • Processing information is collected for each Catalog. If you view information for a particular Space, the display shows the results for the entire Catalog instead.


  1. Open the Gateway services page:
    1. Log in to API Manager.
    2. In the navigation pane, click Manage icon Manage.
    3. Select a Catalog.
    4. Click the Catalog settings tab.
    5. On the Settings page, click Gateway services.

      A list of all of the gateway services for the selected Catalog, including all of its Spaces, displays the gateway type and its endpoint URL. In addition, a status icon displays for each service name to provide a quick indication of that service's current status:

      • Normal status icon Normal: Between 0 and 10 events are waiting to be processed
      • Increased status icon Increased: Between 10 and 20 events are waiting to be processed
      • High status icon High: More than 20 events are waiting to be processed

      You can view details about a service's status to gain insight into possible issues.

  2. On the Gateway services page, click Options menu next to a service and select View gateway processing status.

    The Gateway processing status page displays a list of the events that were sent to the gateway. For each event, you can see the following information:

    • Event type: The action performed by the event; for example, subscribing to a product, deleting an application, or creating a new consumer organization.
    • Category: The feature area affected by the event; for example, subscriptions, applications, or consumer organizations.
    • Time: The time when the event was processed by the gateway service.
    • Status: The current event's processing status; for example, Queued (not yet sent for processing), Sent (but not processed yet), or Processed (complete).

      The number of events in the Queued and Sent states determine the status level for the service.

    The display includes events that were not processed yet, as well as the last event processed. If a particular event is not listed as Sent or Queued, then that event was already processed.