Working with searches (Discover)

Use the IBM® API Connect Analytics Discover tab to create and run searches against your analytics data.

Each search is based on a query that is written using Lucene query syntax, which is described in the Elasticsearch documentation.

Saved searches display a title and a tag that indicates the level of permissions needed to modify the query. For example, if a saved search is tagged with catalog then you must have Analytics Manage permissions at the Catalog scope to modify it; otherwise you must clone it and customize your own copy. Searches tagged with admin are predefined and cannot be modified but they can be cloned and then customized.

The following image shows the Discover page with the predefined searches.

Discover page

Any user with Analytics View permissions can run a saved search and view the results, as well as export a saved search to JSON format by selecting the search and clicking Export. Users with Analytics Manage permissions can additionally create new searches by clicking Create icon and defining a query, or by clicking Import and importing a JSON file that contains a query definition. The following image shows the results of the predefined "Successes" search.

Results from a search