Modifying configuration settings after installation

You can use apicup to change configuration of a subsystem after the initial installation.

The Install Assist utility (apicup) is used to configure and complete initial installation of all subsystems in VMware deployments. After initial installation, you can use the same apicup commands to reconfigure some of the settings from your existing deployment without having to completely reinstall the subsystem.

For example, if you did not configure optional features such as backup/restore or logging during initial installation, you can configure them later.

Note: VMware deployments include subsystem settings that cannot be reconfigured without a complete deployment. For example, for the Management Service these settings include hosts, endpoints, interfaces (public-iface, traffic-iface), IP ranges of the Kubernetes pod and the service networks (k8s-pod-network, k8s-service-network). Before reconfiguring, review the installation instructions for your subsystem to determine which settings are optional during initial installation and thus able to be updated later.

For both initial installation and reconfiguration, you specify configuration values by using apicup subsys set commands, and then activate them with apicup subsys install .

apicup subsys set <subsystem_name> <parameter_name>=<parameter_value>

apicup subsys install <subsystem_name>