Installing the IBM License Metric Tool on VMware

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) helps you determine whether your IBM® API Connect deployment is compliant with licensing requirements.

About this task

ILMT provides useful features for managing virtualized environments and measuring license utilization. ILMT discovers the software that is installed in your infrastructure, helps you to analyze the consumption data, and allows you to generate audit reports. Each report provides you with different information about your infrastructure, for example the computer groups, software installations, and the content of your software catalog.

By default, every ILMT audit report presents data from the previous 90 days. You can customize the type and amount of information displayed in a report by using filters, and save your personal settings for future use. You can also export the reports to .csv or .pdf format, and schedule report emails so that specified recipients are notified when important events occur.

For more information about ILMT, see the IBM License Metric Tool documentation.

Note: The following instructions describe the ILMT installation for API Connect deployments in a VMware environment, and apply to the Management, Developer Portal, and Analytics OVAs.


To download the BigFix Agent for the Ubuntu operating system, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to and then follow the link to the latest release; for example:
  2. In the Agent section of the table, click the Download link corresponding to the following release:
    • Operating System: Ubuntu
    • Version: 16
    • Architecture: x86_64

    In this example, the direct download link is:

Upload the BigFix Agent package to each OVA server, as follows:

  1. Upload the BigFix Agent .deb package to each running OVA server. Following is an example of the command for uploading the file that was downloaded in Step 2:
    scp BESAgent- apicadm@<OVA_Hostname>:~
    The generic command is:
    scp <BigFix_Agent_Package_File_Path> apicadm@<OVA_Hostname>:~

    The BigFix Agent .deb package will be uploaded to /home/apicadm.

Install the BigFix client on each OVA server, as follows:

  1. Log in, with a secure shell connection, to the server as the apicadm user.
  2. Become root by entering sudo -s.
  3. Follow IBM Bigfix installation instructions Ubuntu to install the .deb package.

What to do next

Ensure that TCP/IP port 52311 is open on your firewall.