Upgrading from to the latest 10.0.1.x-eus on VMware

You can upgrade API Connect on VMware from to the latest version of 10.0.1.x-eus.

To upgrade from, you must deploy a fresh cluster and restore existing data into it. The process is similar to a disaster recovery. There is no option for a traditional in-place upgrade.

For the management subsystem you must run custom scripts to extract configuration.

For the Developer Portal and the Analytics subsystem, you will install the latest distribution files, and then restore from version 10 backups.

Note that you will install the latest release using the same Fix Central distribution files as are used for a brand new API Connect installation.

Automatic shortening of subsystem names with greater than 63 characters ( upgrade only)

Version (and later) imposes a length restriction of 63 characters for subsystem names. Prior releases of version 10 did not impose the restriction. If your subsystem names are greater than 63 characters in length, you must shorten them prior to upgrading. If you do not shorten them, the upgrade will programmatically shorten them for you. You will then want to check apiconnect-up-v10.yaml to determine the new shortened name.

The new value is found in spec.subsystems[n].metadata.name. For example, for a management subsystem, see the name: abcde-management entry below:

apiVersion: v1
kind: apic.ibm.com/APIConnectCluster
  creationTimestamp: "2021-03-04T13:52:50Z"
  name: abcde
  secret-name: abcde-my-secret
  - apiVersion: v1
    kind: apic.ibm.com/ManagementSubsystem
      creationTimestamp: "2021-03-04T13:52:50Z"
      name: abcde-management
        data-device: sdb