Configuring the Management service

A Management service is configured in the Default Availability Zone by the installation script. For an appliance-based deployment on VMs, additional Management services may be configured using the .ova file. For a container-based deployment, only one Management service is configured for the cloud.

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About this task

The Management service is added to your cloud by the installation script. It will be added to the Default Availability Zone. You cannot add or configure Management services using the Cloud Manager user interface.

The Management service is handled differently depending on the deployment option:
  • Appliance-based deployment: API Connect Services are deployed on VMs using an .ova configuration file. Multiple Management services may be deployed, but each Availability Zone can have only one Management service.
  • Container-based deployment: Services are deployed in Docker containers and managed in Kubernetes clusters. One Management service is deployed for the entire cloud using the installation script.


One or more Management services are configured.

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