Working with Drafts

Co-locate your APIs and applications in your local source code control systems to support typical development activities such as commits, branching, merges, continuous integration, and so on. The developer toolkit provides the bridge from the developer's environment to the IBM® API Connect runtime services.

API Connect provides an online development capability called Drafts where you can define API and Product definitions. The apic drafts commands enable synchronization of Product and API artifacts between local source code control systems and drafts.

You can use drafts to clear and list your drafts. For example:

apic config:set catalog=    # set the default Catalog
apic login --username some-user --password some-password --server --realm provider/myldap  # login into the management server

apic create:api --title routes --product ClimbOn
apic drafts                                               # list what is in drafts
apic drafts:clear --confirm drafts                        # clear drafts collection
apic drafts:list                                          # list the available drafts

For full details on how to log in to your management server from the CLI, see Logging in to the management server.