Scripting with the toolkit commands

The IBM® API Connect developer toolkit provides commands for cloud administration and API development and management.

Scripting commands

It's often helpful to automate a series of apic commands In a shell script. Since the apic tool first requires you to interactively accept the license, you must first use the following command:
apic --accept-license
Once you do that, your scripts can run non-interactively.

Toolkit command scripts allow you to automate many of the tasks required to set up and maintain your API products. A set of example scripts are available at

These scripts demonstrate how to perform the following tasks.
  • Create a Provider Organization
  • Configure a catalog to use one or more gateways
  • Create draft APIs and Products
  • Publish Products
  • Replace an existing published product with a new version
  • Delete a product
  • Create a Consumer Organization
  • Create a new consumer app
  • Subscribe the new app to an existing published product
  • Stage a new product version
  • Supercede the existing published product with the new one
  • Migrate existing subscriptions from the old product to the new product