Overview of the Developer Portal command-line tool

The Developer Portal provides commands for managing your Developer Portal environment.

Setting up the toolkit

Use the Developer Toolkit to run commands for managing your Developer Portal. For information on installing the toolkit, see Installing the toolkit.

Command syntax

In general, commands have the following syntax:
apic command:sub-command [argument] [options]
  • command is the command, usually the thing on which you are acting (for example, product, app, API, Catalogs, and so on).
  • sub-command is the action to perform.
  • argument is the argument, where applicable (for example,catalog).
  • options are any number of command-line options, which have the form --option [value]. Options also have a short form with a single dash instead of a double dash.
Important: To use the Developer Portal CLI you must supply the --mode portaladmin or -m portaladmin parameter to any apic command.

Viewing command line tool help

Display general command-line help information by entering the following command: apic --help or apic -h. Display help information for a specific apic command by entering the following command: apic command_name --help or apic command_name -h.