Adding a page load progress indicator

You can extend your Developer Portal site by adding a page load progress indicator. This option might be useful on servers that have a slow connection to the API Manager, or for customers that are using OIDC and have slow response times from their OIDC provider.

Before you begin

You must have administrator access to complete this task.


  1. If the administrator dashboard is not displayed, click Manage to display it.
  2. In the administrator dashboard, click Extend.
    The List tab for the Extend page opens, and the list of installed modules is displayed. The list shows all the modules that are installed. The enabled modules are displayed with a selected check box. The disabled modules are displayed without a selected check box.
  3. Enter page_load_progress into the search filter.
    The Page Load Progress content item is displayed in the list of content.
  4. By default, the Page Load Progress module is enabled. However, if not, select the check box and click Enable.
    You have now enabled the default settings for the Page Load Progress module.
  5. To change the default settings for the module, navigate to Configuration > User interface > Page Load Progress.
  6. Decide which settings you want to change, for example, Time to wait before locking the screen, and click Save.
    Note: Changing the settings does not apply to the OIDC buttons. If it is enabled, the OIDC buttons use the page load process indicator, but do not allow any configuration.
  7. To enable the permissions, navigate to People > Permissions.
  8. Scroll down to Page Load Progress, check the boxes for anonymous and authenticated for Use Page Load Progress.
    view of page load permissions lines
  9. Click Save permissions.


You successfully enabled the Page Load Progress. Now, the page loading spinner is automatically added to the login and register forms for OIDC buttons.

What to do next

You can customize the appearance of the modal page and spinner in CSS in a custom theme.