Verify configuration for s3 backup

Verify that the configuration for s3 backups succeeded.

About this task

When you configure Management subsystem backups, the operator runs a stanza-create job. This job creates the stanza (Postgres cluster configuration) on the upstream S3 server, which is used for backup and archive procedures. The job also brings up the necessary pod.


  1. SSH into the management appliance.
  2. Check the status of the stanza-create job:
    kubectl get jobs -n <namespace> | grep stanza
    • On success:
      • The stanza-create job status is 1/1:
        kubectl get jobs | grep stanza
        m1-b722e361-postgres-stanza-create          1/1           5s         127m
      • The stanza-create job shows status: "True" and type: Complete:
        kubectl get job m1-b722e361-postgres-stanza-create -o yaml
          completionTime: "2021-04-13T18:38:50Z"
            - lastProbeTime: "2021-04-13T18:38:50Z"
              lastTransitionTime: "2021-04-13T18:38:50Z"
              status: "True"
              type: Complete
         startTime: "2021-04-13T18:38:45Z"
         succeeded: 1
      • The stanza-create pod is in Completed state:
        kubectl get pods | grep stanza
        m1-b722e361-postgres-stanza-create-q4fvp                     0/1     Completed   0          127m
      • Exec into the pod:
        kubectl exec -it <backrest-shared-repo-pod> -- bash
      • The pgbackrest command returns the S3 contents in valid JSON:
        pgbackrest info --output json --repo1-type s3
        "backup":{"held":false}},"message":"ok"}}][pgbackrest@m1-b722e361-postgres-backrest-shared-repo-69cdfdfdd5-rs882 /
    • On failure, see Troubleshooting stanza-create job for S3 backup configuration