Deploying the Analytics subsystem OVA file

After you have specified configuration settings and created an ISO, deploy the subsystem OVA into an appliance VM.

Before you begin

You must have completed the configuration of the project file entries for the Analytics subsystem, for one of the following scenarios:


  1. Log into the VMWare vSphere Web Client.
  2. Using the VSphere Navigator, navigate to the directory where you are deploying the OVA file.
  3. Right-click the directory and select Deploy OVF Template.
  4. Complete the Deploy OVF Template wizard.
    1. Select the apiconnect-analytics.ova template by navigating to the location where you downloaded the file from Passport AdvantageĀ®.
    2. Enter a name and location for your file.
    3. Select a resource for your template.
    4. Review the details for your template.
    5. Select the size of your configuration.
    6. Select the storage settings.
    7. Select the networks.
    8. Customize the Template, if necessary.
    9. Review the details to ensure that they are correct.
    10. Select Finish to deploy the virtual machine.
    Note: Do not change the OVA hardware version, even if the VMware UI shows a Compatibility range that includes other versions. See Requirements for initial deployment on VMware.
    The template creation appears in your Recent Tasks list.
  5. Select the Storage tab in the Navigator.
  6. Navigate to your datastore.
  7. Upload your ISO file.
    1. Select the Navigate to the datastore file browser icon in the icon menu.
    2. Select the Upload a file to the Datastore icon in the icon menu.
    3. Navigate to the ISO file that you created in your project.
      It is the myProject/analytplan-out/node-config
    4. Upload the ISO file to the datastore.
  8. Leave the datastore by selecting the VMs and Templates icon in the Navigator.
  9. Locate and select your virtual machine.
  10. Select the Configure tab in the main window.
  11. Select Edit....
    1. On the Virtual Hardware tab, select CD/DVD Drive 1.
    2. For the Client Device, select Datastore ISO File.
    3. Find and select your datastore in the Datastores category.
    4. Find and select your ISO file in the Contents category.
    5. Select OK to commit your selection and exit the Select File window.
    6. Ensure that the Connect At Power On check box is selected.
      • Expand the CD/DVD drive 1 entry to view the details and the complete Connect At Power On label.
      • Note that VMware related issues with ISO mounting at boot may occur if Connect At Power On
    7. Select OK to commit your selection and close the window.
  12. Start the virtual machine by selecting the play button on the icon bar.
    The installation might take several minutes to complete, depending on the availability of the system and the download speed.
  13. Next, verify the deployment. Continue with Verifying deployment of the Analytics subsystem.