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Tagging a Test

Adding tags to your tests is an easy way to keep them organized in your Test Suite. Furthermore, tags can be used as a way to selectively execute certain tests in your test suite when running them via an API Hook (see Run Published Tests by Tag for more information).

Note: To tag a test, you must have first created a test.

Adding a Tag to a Test

  1. Click your test suite name in the menu bar to get to the "Test Suites" page.

    Image of test suites link

  2. On the "Test Suites" page, click the Tests icon Image of the tests icon for the test suite that contains the test that you want to tag. The list of tests is displayed.

  3. From the list of tests double-click the test that you want to tag, or click the edit icon Image of the edit this test icon for the test.

  4. The status page for your test is displayed. Click on the edit icon Edit test properties icon alongside your test name. Image of edit test properties

  5. The Edit Details dialog box will open, allowing you to edit information about your test. To add Tags to your test, simply begin typing a name for a Tag into the Tags box within this dialog. You can assign multiple Tags to a test separating each Tag with a space. To remove a Tag from a test, click the x button alongside the Tag. Image of edit test properties

  6. Click the confirm icon confirm icon to confirm and save your edits.

  7. Tags can be viewed any time in the Tests List. Click the Tests List button Tests List button to go back to the Tests List and see your tags alongside your tests. tagged test

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