Gateway subsystem settings

You can specify advanced configuration settings for the Gateway subsystem.

The Platform Navigator UI enables you to specify settings for the following areas:

For annotations, labels, node selectors, and tolerations, see Additional Kubernetes settings

v5 compatibility mode

Table 1. v5 compatibility mode
Field Type Required Description
V5 comparability mode Toggle Switch off/on No. Optional Enabling this provides v5 compatibility (trading off some performance) with the IBM DataPower Gateway that was provided with IBM API Connect Version 5 and earlier releases. Consider using this DataPower Gateway (v5 compatible) if you are an existing DataPower user and want to utilize your DataPower resources and knowledge.

Default: off

To review v5 compatibility, see API Connect gateway types.

Operations Dashboard

Table 2. Operations Dashboard
Field Type Required Description
Enable Operations Dashboard tracing Toggle Switch off/on No. Optional Enable or disable cross-component transaction tracing to allow troubleshooting and investigating errors and latency issues.

Default: disabled (off)

To review the Operations Dashboard, see

For information on configuring the Operations Dashboard, see

Operations Dashboard namespace string No. Optional Namespace where the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Operations Dashboard has been deployed.

Default: none

Replica count string No. Optional Specify the number of instances of the Gateway that should be deployed. For production high-availability, a minimum of 3 replicas (one per node) is recommended.

Default: none

Token management service

Table 3. Token management service
Field Type Required Description
Advanced: Enable TMS Toggle Switch No. Optional Enable or disable token management service (TMS) to use the DataPower to manage the token lifecycle..

Default: disabled (off)

The Token Management Service uses the DataPower distributed cache to manage the token lifecycle which includes when to revoke access rights. For more information, see Token management with DataPower API Gateway.

Advanced: Storage Class string No. Optional Specify the RWO block storage class to use for persistence storage. This will be used when creating a PVC. Specification of the storage class is highly recommended.

If not specified the default cluster storage class is used.

See the IBM Cloud Pak documentation for guidance for Storage class selection. Go to the following page and select your Cloud Pack release level: In the navigation panel of the KC, select System Requirements > Storage.

To review DataPower storage configuration, see

Advanced: Volume size string No. Optional Resources represents the minimum resources the volume should have. For example, 10Gi.Default: none

To review DataPower storage configuration, see