Basic configuration settings

You can specify the API Connect basic configuration settings.

The Platform Navigator UI enables you to specify settings for the following areas:


Table 1. Details
Field Type Required Description
Name string Yes Name this instance using only lowercase alphanumerics and "-". Maximum of 54 characters.

Default: none

Namespace Drop down menu Yes Select the namespace in which you want to deploy API Connect.

Default: none


Table 2. License
Field Type Required Description
License acceptance boolean Required to install the subsystem. The license agreement must be accepted during install of this custom resource

Default: false (off)

Toggle to On, to set the CR field accept: to true to accept the license. If you do not accept the license, the Operator will not install the subsystem.

License use string Yes. Select production or nonproduction, to match the license you purchased.

Default: nonproduction

Deployment profile

Table 3. Deployment profile
Field Type Required Description
Deployment profile Drop down menu Yes Select the profile of the installation you want in the system. The default is n3xc4.m16:
  • Development profile:

    n3xc4.m16: Describes a hardware profile of 3 nodes, 4 cores, and 16 GB memory; Deploys a subsystem with the scale of one; a single node, non-HA subsystem. Recommended use of this profile is for development and testing.

  • Production profile

    n12xc4.m12. Describes a hardware profile of 12 nodes, 4 cores, and 12 GB memory. Deploys in HA mode for a production environment. Supported for installation of three or more nodes. Not supported for less than three nodes.

Note: While it is possible to use a non-production profile installation in a production deployment, it is not recommended.

Product version

Table 4. Product version
Field Type Required Description
Product version Enumerated Yes Select the API Connect version to be installed.
Warning: Do not select a channel here instead of the API Connect version. Selecting a channel will result in any API Connect interim fix updates being applied automatically and without warning.

Storage class

Table 5. Storage class
Field Type Required Description
Default Storage Class Enumerated No Specify the RWO block storage class to use for persistence storage. This will be used when creating a PVC. Specification of the storage class is highly recommended.

If not specified the default cluster storage class is used.

See the IBM Cloud Pak documentation for guidance for Storage class selection. Go to the following page and select your Cloud Pack release level: In the navigation panel of the KC, select System Requirements > Storage.

To review API Connect storage support, see Storage classes.