Configuring your site password policy

You can configure your site password policy to define the constraints that are applied to the passwords of your Developer Portal users.

Before you begin

You must have administrator access to complete this task.

About this task

Any passwords that are stored in the API Manager must comply with the API Manager password policy. You can configure your password policy to be the same as or stricter than the API Manager password policy.


To configure your site password policy, complete the following steps:

  1. If the administrator dashboard is not displayed, click Manage to display it.
  2. Click Configuration in the administrator dashboard.
  3. In the SECURITY section, click Password Policy.
    The Password Policies page opens.
  4. In the OPERATIONS column for the default password policy, click Edit.
    Note: You can create a new password policy by clicking Add Policy; this allows you to apply different password policy settings to different roles. If you need only a single password policy, just configure the pre-supplied default policy.
  5. Click Next.
    The Configure Constraints page opens.
  6. Configure the password constraints as required.
    1. To configure a constraint, click Edit in the OPERATIONS column for the required constraint.
    2. To delete a constraint, select Delete in the OPERATIONS column.
    3. To add a constraint, select the required constraint type from the drop-down list, then click Configure Constraint Settings.
    4. When you are done, click Next.
      The Apply to Roles page opens.
  7. Select the roles to which the password policy settings are to be applied. then click Finish.