Editing roles in the admin organization

As the Cloud Manager administrator, you can edit the roles in the Admin Organization. Both pre-configured roles and custom roles may be edited, except for the Owner, Viewer, and Member roles. The Owner, Viewer, and Member roles may not be edited or deleted.

About this task

You can customize the per-configured roles (except for the Owner, Viewer, and Member roles) to reflect your business needs.

If you are assigned a role that has the Settings: manage permission, you can edit the roles for the Admin organization. The Admin organization roles apply only to Cloud Manager users.

One of the following roles is required to edit roles:

  • Administrator
  • Owner
  • Topology Administrator
  • Custom role with the Settings: manage permissions

Following are the edits you can perform for a role:

  • Change the title
  • Add or delete permissions


Perform the following steps to edit roles in the Admin organization:

  1. In the Cloud Manager, click Settings Settings.
  2. Select Roles.
  3. Locate the Role you want to edit, and select Edit from the overflow menu.
  4. Enter the desired Title for the role. The Name will be auto-generated.
  5. Use the check boxes to select the permissions for the role. For a description of the permissions and the actions they enable, see User roles and permissions in the Cloud Manager UI.
  6. Save the updated role.


The Role will be updated with a new name and/or permissions. An updated role will affect the members who are assigned the role. If you change the name of a role, you will have to assign it to the members. If you change the permissions for a role, the way that members use the product may change.