Backing up and restoring ( or later)

You can backup and restore API Connect on VMware. Use these instructions for v10.0.1.1-eus or later.

  • You must backup both the Management and Portal subsystems at the same time, to ensure synchronicity across the services.
  • If you have to perform a restore, you must complete the restoration of the Management Service first, and then immediately restore the Developer Portal. The backups of the Management and Portal must be taken at the same time to ensure that the Portal sites are consistent with Management database.
  • When restoring, the Gateway and all deployed subsystems (Management, Analytics, and Developer Portal) must be at the same version level.
  • API Connect does not support restoring API Connect configuration from a VMware snapshot.

    Snapshots are not the same as API Connect backups. A snapshot is a change log of the original virtual disk, and is not portable. Therefore, do not rely on it as your API Connect backup process. The virtual machine runs on the most current snapshot, not the original vmdk disk files.