Backing up and restoring ( or

You can backup and restore API Connect subsystems. Use these instructions for or

  • You must backup both the Management and Portal subsystems at the same time, to ensure synchronicity across the services.
  • If you have to perform a restore, you must complete the restoration of the Management Service first, and then immediately restore the Developer Portal. The backups of the Management and Portal must be taken at the same time to ensure that the Portal sites are consistent with Management database.
  • When restoring, the Gateway and all deployed subsystems (Management, Analytics, and Developer Portal) must be at the same version level.
  • The API Connect backup and restore procedures back up all of the state required by API Connect but do not include the underlying infrastructure software or other internal state. In some scenarios, you may want to perform backups and disaster recovery at an infrastructure layer. You can do this by taking snapshots of the virtual machines or underlying storage volumes. See Using VM snapshots for infrastructure backup and disaster recovery.