apic service-ip-allowlist

Service IP Allowlist operations.


Service IP Allowlist operations. The allowlist service enables specific IPs to be exempt from being blocked by portal security checks, for example, load balancer and proxy IPs.

apic service-ip-allowlist --mode portaladmin [flags]


      --format string                Output format. One of [json yaml go-template=... go-template-file=...], defaults to yaml.
  -h, --help                         Help for service-ip-allowlist
      --portal_service_name string   The name of the portal service (required)
  -s, --server string                Management server endpoint (required)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --accept-license        Accept the license for API Connect
      --debug                 Enable debug output
      --debug-output string   Write debug output to file
      --live-help             Enable or disable tracking of limited usage information
  -m, --mode string           Toolkit operation mode (default "apim")