Planning your topology

Determine the topology of your IBM® API Connect Analytics deployment to take advantage of the microservices that are best suited to your needs.

Each Analytics topology provides a set of the Analytics microservices as well as external integrations.

Default topology

The default topology for Analytics is useful for many organizations. It provides you with business analytics and metrics in API Manager, and consumer analytics in Portal. It is suitable for production environments and is easily scalable.

The default topology contains the following microservices:

  • client: Kibana-based service for serving the Analytics UI and REST API
  • cj-retention: Storage data retention service cronjob
  • cj-rollover: Storage index management rollover service cronjob
  • ingestion: Logstash-based data pipeline for receiving and routing data to internal or external storage
  • mtls-gw: Openresty-based service for routing ingress traffic to client or ingestion
  • storage-coord: Elasticsearch based service for routing and aggregating requests
  • storage-data: Elasticsearch-based service for writing, reading and storing the data
  • storage-master: Elasticsearch-based service for managing and monitoring cluster state and health

For the complete list of available microservices, see Reference: Analytics microservices.