Viewing certificate details and adding certificates to a keystore or truststore

You can view details for the certificates in an existing keystore or truststore and add additional certificates. You might need add certificates when a certificate or PKCS #12 (P12) file expires.

Before you begin

One of the following roles is required to edit Keystores and Truststores:

  • Organization Administrator
  • Owner
  • Custom role with the Settings: Manage permissions

About this task

API Connect includes pre-configured Keystores and Truststores which can be used for testing purposes. For production environments, we suggest creating a new, secure Keystore or Truststore. From an existing Keystore or Truststore, you can edit the title, view the details of the certificates, and add new certificates.


To work with existing Keystores and Truststores:

  1. In the API Manager, click Resources Resources.
  2. Select TLS.
  3. Click the name of the keystore or truststore.
  4. Edit the name and summary if needed.
  5. The Subject, Finger Print, and Expiration date is shown for each certificate in the keystore or truststore. Click > to view the certificate details.
  6. Add additional private and/or public keys if needed.
  7. Click Save.
    Note: After they have been uploaded, private keys cannot be downloaded from API Connect.