Configuring the taxonomy menu block

To display your tag hierarchy in the Developer Portal, you must configure the taxonomy menu block.

Before you begin

You must have administrator or content author access to complete this task.

About this task

Along with controlling how your tag hierarchy is displayed through configuring your taxonomy menu block, you can configure options for the taxonomy tree. The following options can be configured for your taxonomy menu block:
  • Vocabulary
  • Parent option
  • Depth
  • Node options and content
  • Region settings
  • Visibility settings
Important: The taxonomy block will appear after configuration only if there are tags for it to display.


  1. In the Administrator dashboard, click Structure > Blocks.
  2. Click configure for the Taxonomy Menu Block (Tags) block.
  3. Configure the options that are available for your taxonomy menu block.
  4. When you have configured your taxonomy menu block, click Save block.
    You have configured your taxonomy menu block, and your tag hierarchy is displayed based on your configurations.