What's new in the latest release (Version

This page details the enhancements in IBM® API Connect Version over the previous Version release.

If you are moving to Version 10 from Version 5, also see the What's new in Version 2018 page for the additional new features since Version 5.

As enterprises continue their digital transformation agendas, IT leaders are looking to APIs as a means to interconnect digital solutions across their hybrid and multicloud landscape. This API-led innovation helps organizations accelerate the delivery of new business models and superior client experiences as they create, secure, manage, and socialize APIs across multicloud landscapes. IBM API Connect Version 10 can help increase productivity and improve outcomes for teams involved in API-led innovation efforts, including the following roles:

Note: You can access the latest files from IBM API Connect v10.0.1.2-ifix2 on Fix Central.

What's new for API product managers

New tutorial about how to monetize an API Product
A new tutorial is available that guides you through all of the steps that are required to create a billing integration resource, define a pricing Plan, and publish a monetized API Product, by integrating with the Stripe Subscription Billing service. For more information, see Tutorial: How to monetize an API Product.

What's new for Developer Portal administrators

New tokens available as part of the email subscriber wizard in the Developer Portal
You can email all the subscribers of a specific API, plan, product, or all registered consumer organizations. For each consumer organization, you can select whether to email just the owner or all of the members. Each recipient receives an individual email. You can use the wizard to specify the new context-specific tokens in the email subject and body. The tokens available and their replacement values depend on which flow is selected, for example, API, plan, product, or all. For more information, see Email Subscribers.
New commands available on the Developer Portal command-line tool
You can use the Developer Portal command-line tool, apic, to query and replicate all or part of your Developer Portal environment. The new commands, api, apic-config, application, consumer-org, product, and entity can help you to save time and effort, and reduce errors. For more information, see Using the Developer Portal command-line tool.

What's new for IT architects

Upgrade from v2018 FP15 supported for OpenShift
For upgrade information and instructions, see Upgrading from v2018 FP15 on OpenShift.
Upgrade from 2018 FP13-ifix1 supported for Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I)
For upgrade information and instructions, see Upgrading from v2018 FP13-ifix1 on CP4I.