Viewing current provider organizations

View the list of current provider organizations for your cloud, including organization title, owner's name and email address, and status. From the list screen, you can add new provider organizations and owners, edit and delete provider organizations, send messages, and change owners.

Before you begin

You must also complete the following tasks before beginning: This task can be completed by users who are assigned one of the following roles:
  • All roles
  • Custom role with the Provider-org:Manage or the Provider-org:View permissions

About this task

All roles can view the list of provider organizations. Use the provider organization list screen to manage your provider organizations.


  1. In the Cloud Manager, click Provider Organizations Provider Organizations.
  2. View the list of provider organizations and their status. The statuses are as follows:
    • Pending: A provider organization is in Pending status until the invited owner successfully completes the registration form.
    • Active: A provider organization is in Active status if the owner is an existing user with an account in a user registry.
  3. The Actions menu performs different functions depending on the organization's status.Use the Actions menu to edit or delete an Active organization. For Pending organizations, use the Actions menu to delete the organization and to resend the invitation to the owner
    • For an Enabled organization, you can Edit or Delete the organization.
    • For a Pending organization, you can Resend the Invitation, or Delete the request.
  4. Add new provider organizations using the Add menu. See Creating a provider organization