Upgrading v2018 to the latest v10.0.1.x on native Kubernetes

You can upgrade from v2018 to v10.0.1.x.

About this task

Use the instructions in the following order:

  1. Review the requirements. Also review the IBM API Connect V2018.4.1.17 is now available announcement page for important upgrade information.
  2. Prepare your v2018 deployment for upgrade.
  3. Install the upgrade files
  4. Prepare the API Connect cluster for upgrade. Use the instructions for either single namespace or multi-namespaces.
  5. Upgrade the Management subsystem.
  6. Upgrade the Developer Portal subsystem.
  7. Upgrade the Analytics subsystem.
  8. Upgrade the Gateway subsystem.
  9. Complete post-upgrade steps for upgrade to v10.

For each subsystem, there are additional instructions for rolling back to v2018, and for troubleshooting.

Note that you can return to a v2018 deployment after completion of the upgrade, by following the disaster recovery procedures.