Preparing for installation

Set up your OpenShift or Cloud Pak for Integration environment in preparation for deploying API Connect.

About this task

Before attempting to install API Connect, ensure that your environment meets the following prerequisites:

  • IBM API Connect Version 10 software product compatibility requirements

  • Deployment requirements

  • API Connect requires OpenShift Container Platform 4.12.
  • Use block storage as the storage class for all subsystems.
  • The default SCC must be set to restricted

    API Connect supports only the restricted SCC (security context constraint) on OpenShift.

  • If your OpenShift deployment uses a LimitRange and a CPU maxLimitRequestRatio is set, then its value must be at least 25; otherwise some API Connect pods might fail to start.
  • Cluster admin access is required to the OpenShift web console.
  • Obtain the OpenShift oc command line utility because you will need it for configuration.