Installing License Service

License Service helps you assess whether your IBM® API Connect deployment in a Kubernetes environment is compliant with licensing requirements.

About this task

License Service provides useful features for managing virtualized environments and measuring license utilization. License Service discovers the software that is installed in your infrastructure, helps you to analyze the consumption data, and allows you to generate audit reports. Each report provides you with different information about your infrastructure, for example the computer groups, software installations, and the content of your software catalog.

By default, every License Service audit report presents data from the previous 90 days. You can customize the type and amount of information that is displayed in a report by using filters, and save your personal settings for future use. You can also export the reports to .csv or .pdf format, and schedule report emails so that specified recipients are notified when important events occur.

When you install API Connect, the license-use setting that is configured in the ibm-apiconnect operator CR (custom resource) for a particular subsystem is reflected in the Pod annotations. For the Analytics, Portal, and Management subsystems the license-use value can be "production" or "nonproduction". For the Gateway subsystem, the license-use value can be "production", "nonproduction", or "developer". The subsystem pod annotations are scanned by the ibm-licensing-operator, which reports license and CPU usage for each subsystem.

For more information, see License Service.


Install License Service as explained in Manually installing ibm-licensing-operator with a stand-alone IBM Containerized Software.

The instructions describe the License Service installation for API Connect deployments, and apply to the Analytics, Portal, Management, and Gateway subsystems.